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The Pindari Glacier, in the Bageshwar district, falls in the Kumaon Himalayas and has lured mountaineers and trekkers since the last century. It is one of the most easily accessible of all the Himalayan glaciers. Pindari's rugged beauty offers a breathtaking sight, especially for the trekker who is in love with nature in all its pristine glory. The Pindari Glacier is an unsurpassable and an exhilarating experience.

It lies between the Nanda Devi and Nandakot peaks and terminates at an altitude of 3627 m. The Glacier is 5 km long, the snout is about 6 m high and 2.5 m wide and above the snout, the glacier extends for about 3 km in length and 300 - 400 m in width, between an altitudinal range of about 3600 m to 5000 m. The Pindari Glacier is located in the Pindar Valley between longitudes 79° 13'-80°02' E and latitudes 30° 15' N. It occupies an area of 339.39 sq km. The valley is drained by the Pindar river that emerges from the Pindari Glacier.

Trek to Pindari Glacier

Base Camp Saung
Saung to Loharkhet 3 km trek
Lohaekhet to Dhakuri 11 km
Dhakuri to Khati 8 km
Khati to Dwali 11 km
Dwali to Phurkia 7 km
Phurkia to Pindari Glacier 5 km.

By Road :
Saung to Bageshwar 36 km.
Saung to Almora 109 km.

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The scenic beauty and the tranquility prevailing in this region has an unbeatable charm. The Kaphini (Kafni) Glacier lies left of the Pindar Valley below the famous peak of Nandakot. The route to Kaphini Glacier covers the same track up to Dwali, as the track to Pindari. Kaphini Glacier is 12 km from Dwali via Byali Udiyar, which is at a distance of 8 km from Dwali. As compared to Pindar the valley is much broader and the rhododendron (burans) that blooms here is spectacularly beautiful. The main Himalayan summits visible from the glacier are Nandakot (6860 m) and Nandabhnar (6236 m).

Trek to Kafni Glacier

Base Camp Saung
Saung to Kaphini Glacier 45 km.
Saung to Loharkhet 3 km
Loharkhet to Dhakuri 11 km
Dhakuri to Khati 8 km
Khati to Dwali 11 km
Dwali to Kaphini Glacier 12 km.

By Road
Saung to Bageshwar 36 km.
Saung to Almora 109 km.
Saung to Kathgodam 199 km.
Khati to Dwali 11 km
Dwali to Phurkia 7 km

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The trek begins from a place called Munsiyari located in Pithoragarh district. From here you have to trek 25 km to reach a place called Bagudyar via Lilam. From Bagudyar to Rialkot and from Rialkot to Martoli is another 17 km of trekking though breathtaking Himalayan environs. From Martoli, a further trek of 17 km will take you to Milam village via Burfu. From here, the glacier is a 5 Km trek.

Namik glacier trek is situated in Kumaon Himalayas at an attitude of 3,600 mtrs. It is 40 km from Munsiyari and situated at the villages of Gogina and Namik. The glacier is surrounded by peaks like Nanda Devi (7,848 m) -Goddess of Bliss, Nanda Kot (6,861 m), and Trishul (7,120 m).The glacier falls on ancient Indo-Tibet trade route.

Altitude : 2,290m
Significance : Source Of Milam River & Is A Tributary Of The Pindari River.
Best Time To Visit : Mid April To May-June & September To November

Route Distance

Munsiyari to Senar Gad Meadows: 7 km
Senar Gad to Dhaldauk: 11 km
Dhaldauk to Sudamkhan: 7 km
Sudamkhan to Hiramani glacier: 9 km
Hiramani glacier to Namik glacier: 5 Km

Haldwani to kumaun Taxi Services

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